I don’t see the point of mediation!

Feedback from a party following  a recent mediation prompts me to write this. He said:

“Thank you for the follow-up. I think a lot of issues were discussed at the meeting, which was helpful, and a lot of comments were made which were a surprise to me I must say. Things have settled down and hopefully it will continue.  I believe that our meeting was helpful and I thought that you were an excellent mediator.”

Besides the nice pat on the back to me as mediator, I was struck by the party’s observation that he had been surprised by many of the comments made. In this mediation the parties’ relationship had deteriorated after one had been appointed as senior to the other. They needed to work together and the company valued both employees.  The conversation between the parties in the mediation was quite charged, by the end they had reached agreement on a range of things. More importantly they had spoken to one another and said things and heard things that they had not said or heard before.

So the point of mediation is not just settling a dispute, but it is also about engagement between the parties about their relationship and how they interact as employees and as human beings!

VIVA mediation!

One Response to “I don’t see the point of mediation!”

  1. Dick Salem Says:

    You bring many memories back to this retiree, Felicity. Nothing was more important in mediation than having the parties devise their own solutions, and this worked best if they listened to each other and understood what each party viewed as the important problems and how they felt about them. An empathic mediator could model this listening behavior for the disputants and even when the parties were unable to reach accord they appreciated the mediator’s empathy, and often would say so later.

    Viva Mediation, Dick

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