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Felicity Steadman receives consistently top marks in satisfaction ratings by users of mediation. Parties unanimously say they would use her again and a significant proportion are repeat users.   Felicity has a high settlement rate with most mediations resulting in a settlement on the day.

“I would highly recommend Felicity to anyone looking for an effective, professional and tailored mediation service. Felicity ensured she thoroughly understood the reasons why mediation was being requested before the process and following the process, both sides provided only positive feedback on the experience and Felicity herself. The outcomes of the mediation with Felicity have continued well past the meetings themselves and resulted in tangible relationship and hence business improvements.” (February 2020)

“Ms Steadman has the ability, which frankly cannot be taught, to engage with both lay clients such as mine (three Japanese chefs) and corporate officers (also Japanese) on the opposing side and put both at their ease and be confident that she understood and would weigh carefully their main points. She Steadman has an impressive knowledge of employment law and is up to date with both cases and rules and materials. She has the ability to master a large hearing bundle in a limited time and refer confidently to the papers even when, as in my case, I found myself putting statements and documents in late (night before the hearing) but Ms Steadman seemed unphased and thankfully uncritical of me in front of my clients and had clearly taken the trouble to read my late papers overnight or very early morning. The hearing was booked for a fixed time and I felt Ms Steadman kept a careful eye on the clock and kept both advocates to the point to manage the time carefully and keep a focus making sure that both sides had time to fully ventilate their best points but not to repeat them. She has the good judicial habit of telling counsel when she had got the point and could move on with their argument. Steadman’s obvious skills as a mediator will no doubt lead to her being highly sought after and successful in that field.” Claimant Barrister (February 2019)

Parties frequently comment on her ability to reach a settlement in situations where this had seemed very unlikely at the start of the day. Feedback comments include:

“I appreciate the work you put into it, I am of the opinion that you did well, and would recommend your services again. (N.b. and my lawyer also speaks highly of your approach too!)”. (May 2018)

“Thanks for making a difficult day a lot easier, happy Christmas”. (December 2016)

“Just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and approach today. In all honesty, I really wasn’t looking forward to the session but you handled it incredibly well and I think we got to the right (if not very positive) outcome”. (December 2016)

“Thank you so much for your assistance with the mediation yesterday.  Your stamina and patience was very much appreciated.  With your help, we managed to achieve something that I think would have taken the parties weeks to achieve, if indeed at all.  We are very happy with the outcome and very grateful for your valued input.  Perhaps we will have another opportunity to work together in future”. (August 2014)

“Felicity was in control of this difficult mediation throughout. I don’t know what went on with the other party but she managed to produce a settlement which seemed very unlikely at the start”.

Parties also praise her for her exceptional emotional intelligence. One party commented in feedback:

“Felicity managed to do things that required emotional intelligence that I know are beyond my capabilities – and the capabilities of anyone at my then-employer. She is probably in the top 2-3 of all the people I have ever met. She enabled me to feel that I had been listened to, when no-one at my employer had listened.  She showed a degree of empathy for how I was feeling without passing comment or judgment on the events that I said had led me to feeling that way, which was very professional”.

A strong theme which emerges from feedback about Felicity is her calmness and professionalism, which really strengthens the likelihood of reaching an agreement. Comments include:

Felicity was very calm and professional. Both parties were quite emotional and the other party was very aggressive as well. It was not easy to achieve a solution.”

In workplace mediations, Felicity clearly has the ability to explain to employees how the process will work and enable them to feel comfortable and safe with the process so that they are willing to engage with it:

When I realised there would be a strong chair who would keep things on topic I could see the value of mediation.”

Parties also comment on her ability to help parties in workplace mediations come to agreements which will hold up over time. This is a particular feature of workplace mediations in comparison to commercial disputes, where the efficacy of the agreement depends on the employees being willing to put it into practice over time.  One Party commented:

This is the second time I have asked for Felicity’s help in two intractable situations – she has brokered an agreement in this case which has remained intact and usable by the parties involved”.

Parties also praise Felicity for her tenacity, impartiality, patience and creative problem-solving abilities.

The high degree of satisfaction expressed by parties who have used Felicity is captured in this piece of feedback:

“She did a great job! She had a very difficult task ahead, particularly dealing with the other side.  They were very angry and were very reluctant to pay any money, but with her calmness and many skills she managed to shift that and managed the parties to get a deal. She nailed it!”

This feedback digest was compiled by Liz Rivers, and includes feedback from 7 parties who have used Felicity since July 2013.

Past feedback

“Once again, thank you for your calm and reassuring attention in helping us reach agreement.” April 2013

“I wanted to thank you for your help in facilitating the meeting today and (for your) guidance along the way. Your intervention at crucial moments in the meeting helped us keep on track and maintain a clear focus on reaching an outcome that we are all happy with. Whilst these situations are never enjoyable, I certainly feel it was a productive meeting and allowed us to reach closure of the situation and move forwards.”

“Ms Steadman, who did an excellent job.”

“Very helpful process and hopefully it will assist in producing a more effective working relationship.”

“We were very impressed and thought Felicity was brilliant. She was just so clear on the whole process. She was very professional, but very approachable and it was obvious that she was concerned about our welfare.”

“We were very happy with Felicity. She spent a lot of time with us individually in private sessions to discuss the issues. That worked well.”

“Felicity was very professional, particularly in her preparation.”

A senior CEDR mediator who was assisted by Felicity gives the following feedback:

“Felicity Steadman was outstanding. I would go so far as to say that if she had not taken over at one point in the early afternoon, we would not have reached settlement.  Her manner creates trust and confidence in her ability. Throughout, Felicity was helpful to me in the ‘between sessions’ periods and extremely constructive in her thoughts.”

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    Felicity is a very experienced mediator.

    I’d have no hesitation recommending her.

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