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Effective conflict management through mediation


Felicity is a full-time professional in dispute resolution based in Oxford UK. She has this to say about the work she does:

“I have worked as mediator for 20 years and I believe passionately that conflict is most effectively resolved through consensus building processes such as negotiation and mediation. Simpler processes such as joint problem solving and encouraging people to simply talk to one another about things that are causing tensions are equaly important. In fact the sooner and the more informaly you can work on conflict the better.

One of the most important benefits of consensus building is that the outcome of the conflict is in the hands of the parties. As soon as the outcome moves into the hands of an investigator, arbitrator or judge it is inclined to result in one person winning and the other losing. Win-lose outcomes are hardly ever good in the long term, especially not where relationships are on-going.”