Terms of business

  1. The mediation process might involve meeting with parties separately and then meeting with them jointly. These meetings may take place on separate days. The duration of the separate and joint meeting will be agreed with the parties when the date is confirmed.
  2. Fees for these meetings will be quoted on an hourly basis and on a case by case basis.
  3. The agreed fee will include reasonable preparation time.
  4. Travelling time of up to 1 hour will not be charged. Traveling time in excess of 1 hour will be charged as per 2) above. Travel costs will be charged at a cost of £0.40 per mile from Oxford, even if public transport is used.
  5. An account will be sent to the paying party(ies) or representatives, as appropriate, once the mediation process has been confirmed and dates have been agreed. Unless otherwise agreed payment must be made no later than 3 days before the mediation date and must be made directly into the bank account set out on the invoice. In the case of an unanticipated overrun of time a second account will be sent following the mediation.
  6. The mediator’s fee will not be refunded if the mediation is canceled within 3 working days of the mediation date.
  7. The parties will arrange and pay for a suitable venue for the mediation process.

Please note that I am not registered for VAT and do not charge VAT

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